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BMW F900 XR Wunderlich Edition

Anything but middle class!

Among the premieres at EICMA 2019 in Milan, the excellent BMW models F 900 R and F 900 XR caused enthusiasm and furor

The presentation of the F 900 R at the 2019 EICMA was followed by the equally exciting adventure interpretation of the nine hundred: the F 900 XR. BMW has thus fulfilled the request of many customers for an equivalent to the S 1000 XR in the middle class segment. Its appearance is similar to that of the F 900 R, inviting you to sit on with the same ease as the Roadster. Striking is the high handlebar, which invites you to the upright, forward-facing, integrated seating position on the XR. The F 900 XR is a promise to everyone for whom the S 1000 XR is too heavy and too performance-oriented. Gap perfectly closed!

F900 XR Wunderlich Edition

F900 XR Wunderlich Edition
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Here you can see the direct comparison to the original

F900 XR Wunderlich Edition
F900 XR Wunderlich Edition F900 XR

The race is on!

Wunderlich parts used on our F900 XR Wunderlich Edition Model

We were happy to dedicate ourselves to the BMW F 900 XR and started developing the components. We are already offering an immense range, which of course covers all areas for which Wunderlich stands: ergonomics, comfort, all-round protection, safety, luggage solutions, Wunderlich suspension and other accessories! All products are developed under our maxim of integrated design, sophisticated functionality in premium quality. Further components are in development, our program is growing steadily.


Personalize your ride comfort just for you!

Life for motorcyclists below or above today's standard size has not become much easier in recent years. The average seat height of a motorcycle in the eighties was still between 750 mm and 800 mm, today you climb on average to 800 mm to 850 mm in height. On a standard F900 XR you sit at 32.5 inches.

Shortly after the market launch, we offer high-quality components for the new F900 models: handguards against wind, weather and annoying swirls, handlebar risers for relaxed sitting and riding while standing, ergonomic foot adjustable footpegs for both the rider and passenger. Sun Visors for both the new TFT display and Nav 6 screens and much more!

Total protection and security

Wunderlich is here to help protect your motorcycle on paved roads, we offer excellent protection components to protect your F900 XR. We offer, front and rear wheel axle sliders, frame sliders, engine protection shells, horn protection caliper protection in case of a side they help avoid major, costly damage to the motorcycle. What's more, our high-quality protective components help prevent damage to the engine and components, so that it is essential to continue driving despite a fall. An important aspect, not only for long-distance travelers who are stranded in the desert ...

Our side stand enlarger is naturally a must-have piece of equipment on every motorcycle: The bike remains in a secure upright position even when fully loaded, whatever the surface.

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