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Handlebar Conversion - Tube-Style Bars
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    • Part # 31000501-502
      Handlebar Conversion - Tube-Style Bars
      Available in Black or Silver

    • (4.8) 6 Reviews
    • $474.95

      Estimated Install
      Time 105 minutes*

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      Caution! Our Handlebar Conversion - Tube-Style Bars does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.


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    Handlebar Conversion - Tube-Style Bars

    Available in Black or Silver

    This tube-style handlebar conversion replaces the cast handlebar of the RS with our exclusive and ergonomic yet sporty tube-style handlebar. The more upright seating position not only makes the RS much better for long distance journeys, it also significantly improves handling.


    • Ergonomically offset handlebar for optimum seating position
    • Includes adapter for attaching the original handlebar ends
    • Aluminum tube-style handlebar with 32 mm diameter
    • Pre-drilled for easy fitting of the handlebar fittings
    • Upper handlebar mounts included
    • Width / height / offset 798/100/172 mm

    NOTE: Changes from stock bar position: 2.25" Wider x 2.75" Higher x 1.25" Back

    *Installation estimated at 105 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    2017 R1200RS Handlebar conversion
    Great fit and not too hard install. Instructions could use updating (for example there's no need to drill holes, the handlebars have them pre-drilled) but that's not a big deal. Did not have to relocate the clutch line (but I want to put risers too so I won't be able to avoid a dealing with this) and overall, an excellent product.

    Ron Hovind
    Handle bar conversion
    As written in the other reviews, the bars changed the feel of my RS significantly, and for the better. I had installed Helibar risers previously, which helped with the riding position (up and back) but they did not eliminate the shoulder fatigue. These bars reduced the fatigue significantly. Wunderlich would have been given 5 stars but I held back a star for their almost useless instructions. You are better off watching their You Tube video on how to install there bar risers, which is basically the same procedure. Contrary to their instructions, I did not have to drill any holes (as intimated on panel 12 in their instructions). There were already predrilled holes for the brake and clutch set screws. I did not have to reroute my clutch hydraulic cable since my clutch lever was long enough and there was enough room to move my clutch perch towards the center of the bar. It is a little tight on the full left turn but does not introduce undue stress on the line. I would highly recommend the bars to anyone that would like a more GS feel to their bike.

    Erik Mandaville
    Verified Buyer
    2021 R1250RS Handlebar Conversion
    As mentioned in other reviews of this superb Wunderlich product, the much more relaxed yet confidence-inspiring riding position transforms an already incredible bike into one that has the advantage of both the OEM windscreen/fairing and more upright, wider bars. I also agree that handling at slower speeds is not just mildly better, but much, much better. I was not so opposed to the original sportier riding position, because it reduced vertical stress on my lower back after numerous surgeries. However, I found I was just not enjoying my ride as much -- aching neck and back muscles; wrist pain; and so on. I did a 200 mile ride with the new bars yesterday, and had an absolute blast! Totally enjoyable ride in some gorgeous central Arizona topography. I am so much happier with this new RS; and, in my view, the handlebar conversion is as awesome to-the-eye as it is to the overall handling of the bike. It looks absolutely perfect. A few notes on the install: I would like to see the necessary hydraulic clutch fluid bleed mentioned in the instructions on the website (although perhaps I missed it? If that is the case, I respectfully stand corrected) The clutch line needs to be re-routed, and thus must be disconnected at the clutch fluid reservoir. Despite this, I was not comfortable with the new position of the line (which is necessary to prevent binding caused by the taller, wider bars). Maybe I just did it wrong! In any event, I chose to order a clutch hose extension adapter designed specifically for Bimmers from Voit MT in Germany, and I feel much better with this approach (which does not require rerouting of the clutch line). It's also very, very easy to install, as is bleeding excess air from the line. DO NOT be intimidated by this step. Take your time; it is not at all difficult. I think it a good, precautionary step to cover all nearby fuel tank and fairing parts with a soft towel before disconnecting the clutch line and removing clutch fluid reservoir cap. Despite my best efforts, it was hard to not have at least some minor spillage of the blue hydraulic fluid. Also: I think it a good idea to have on hand an extra small bottle or two of the correct mineral oil -- which is fresh and new, had not been exposed to air, etc. And do not overfill the reservoir. After carefully cleaning and replacing the filler cap, tighten the TORX screws LIGHTLY -- do not over-tighten. I'm thinking not much more than about 2 Nm (that is NOT a BMW torque spec. It's what I came up with after a bit of experimenting) Take your time and enjoy working on your bike! This handlebar conversion will reward you for doing a quality job and not rushing to get it done. SUPER HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! Safe Riding!! :)

    Gary Clark
    RS Handlebar Conversion
    This handlebar replacement made all the difference. The RS seating position is now comfortable for long distance touring. It is also wider which reduced effort and improved the feeling of control. Turn-in is now quicker and effortless. Low-speed handling is way better. Overall, this changed my feeling about the RS entirely. It is now a great all-round sport-tourer. Before this I was questioning my purchase decision. Now, love the bike.

    Roger Reichert
    Handlebar conversion kit for 2016 BMW R1200RS - Silver
    Great product. Ordered on July 5th and just received in Oct. Unfortunately I have not been able to ride the bike yet because of snow. They do put you in a great position, so I am "jonesing" to try them. Quaility is great. A little taller then the "R" bars. Down side is price and time to get them.

    Mike Reeter
    Verified Buyer
    Handlebar Conversion R1200 RS
    Purchased the Silver set, fit/finish is very close to the rest of the Polished Aluminum on the Triple Tree and mounts of the RS. Fairly straight forward install, removing the Switchgear from the original bars and installing on the new bars can be a bit tedious, but all in all, not a difficult project. New position of the bars is not as "Aggressive" as the original and moves you up and back to a more relaxed spot. Much more comfortable for me on longer Touring days. Love the wider width and "feel" of the new position the bars put you in. If you plan on performing the change yourself, you will need a T6 Torx Driver Bit to remove the "Micro Tiny" screws from the Switchgear, and a couple of hours of time, but well worth the cost and effort!

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