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Mirror Adapter Set
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    • Part # 21211102
      Mirror Adapter Set

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      Caution! Our Mirror Adapter Set does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.
      Warning! Important information below in the description.

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    Mirror Adapter Set

    Many riders can only see parts of themselves through the original mirrors and not the essential rear view of traffic behind. A mirror extension is not possible to realize, so we put an extra mirror on the RT, which is very useful for the needed view of traffic.

    With a set of supplemental mirrors installed, you will have a better view of what's behind you and the original mirrors can be adjusted outward to gain a better view of what's in the blind spot.

    The facts:

    • High quality finish from machined aluminum.
    • Black anodized.
    • Suitable for all handlebar mirrors with M10 attachment
      (We recommend our FLASH mirror, Related Product).
    • Quick and easy to install.
    • Supplied as a set of two.
    • Includes needed fasteners.
    • Made in Germany

    Fits R1200 RT 2010-2013 and R1200 RT LC from 2014 - on

    Please Note: If your RT has auxiliary lights and a switch on the left side perch, then this adapter set will not work because there is no provision for the switch. Instead, you will need 1 X 3272971 and 1 X 3272366. Please see the Related Products below.


    Please Note: Exceptions to model/year fitment

    K1600 GT20102016Not with original auxiliary headlight
    K1600 GT2017 + Not with original auxiliary headlight SOS unit
    K1600 GTL20102016Not with original auxiliary headlight
    K1600 GTL2017 + Not with original auxiliary headlight SOS unit
    R1200 RT20142018Not with original auxiliary headlight
    R1250 RT2019 + Not with original auxiliary headlight SOS unit



    George Karl
    Verified Buyer
    Heavy duty!
    Although really expensive for what they are I’m guessing the machining of such low demand parts is the reason. They are easy to install and obviously work great for adding regular handlebar style mirrors (or anything else that can screw into it).

    R B Bralliar
    Verified Buyer
    Not for Bagger
    Probably works fine on the other 1600s but most Baggers come with Reverse and aux Lights. To use the left mirror adapter, these two switches would have to be relocated.

    Jill Coert
    Verified Buyer
    Works as advertised
    Simple part, works as advertised. That's all I ask! I used them to mount 2014 GSA r1200 mirrors to my 2017 r1200rt.

    Rob C
    Verified Buyer
    Mirrors great - adapters not ideal
    These adapters come in three primary parts as they relate to a 2016 BMW RT. There is the "half bracket" which replaced the rider-side half of the OEM bracket, modifying it to provide the needed socket for the mirror hardware. But due to the excessive length of the bolt, they require a different intermediary adapter between the handlebar adapter and the bracket. The sole function of this little adapter is to provide its own acceptably shorter bolt to screw into the handlebar bracket, and a longer threaded socket to accommodate the mirror mounting hardware, itself another piece. I simply shortened the offending bolt to the length of the bolt in the adapter, eliminated the adapter and avoided a totem pole look off the handlebar. Looks great and is solid, but takes a bit if work.

    Raymond Fox
    Great Adapter
    These are great adapters for installing additional mirrors on your 2014 BMW RT. They provide a very clean install to your existing clutch and front brake controls. Solid construction.

    Mirror Adapter Set R1200 RT
    The mirror adapters are great quality, however my gripe is that they have straight lines and sharp corners on the outside edges. The adapters lines do not flow with the lines of the RT. The RT lines flow smoothly: not: not sharply. This could be corrected, when the parts are in the CNC machine, by using a radius cutter when cutting the outside edges, instead of a straight cutter. Also they could be threaded to take the BMW G1200GS mirrors, directly without the GS mirror adapter, which would be much more sensible. Since they are for a BMW they have very little vibration and they look great and flow with the RT lines. Other than the aesthetics, they work great and they have other attaching points, than for mirrors, which I have taken advantage of. Work great to mount a Ram Mount drink holder. To sum it up, they aren't for a Harley: they are for a BMW that has flowing lines. Function is great, aesthetics / design flow needs attention!

    Good buy.Mike
    Fit/work perfectly! Excellent quality, easy to install with several options. Highly recommend them.

    M Johnson
    mirror adapter set
    Good quality, comes w/ several options for mounting. I wasn't as pleased with the flash mirrors however. They don't go with the lines of my 2014 RT very well.

    Mirror Adapter
    I can say they work per advertised. I have hooked up 10mm bolted gadgets to it and they hold well.

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