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Engine Protection Bars, Chrome
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    • Part # 8160736
      Engine Protection Bars, Chrome

    • (4.5) 73 Reviews
    • $474.95

      Estimated Install
      Time 45 minutes*

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      Caution! Our Engine Protection Bars, Chrome does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.


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    Engine Protection Bars, Chrome

    With these engine bars, we've applied our extensive experience in Engine Protection Bar design and once again hit a home run. This completely new design, developed especially for the R1200 RT, provides outstanding protection in more ways than one. Not only does it protect the valve covers from damage, it also protects the sump. The engine guard securely mounts at six optimally placed mounting points which share the load and protect from serious damage in most tip over situations. Cornering clearance is not compromised and all routine maintenance can be carried out without the need for removal. Installation is easily carried out with basic tools and no cutting or modification of any type is required. The engine protection bar is available in either a chrome finish or powder coated silver. The bar looks great and integrates perfectly with the RT's design.

    • Even load distribution
    • Protects cylinders and fairing
    • Protects sump and oil filter
    • Srong mounting system Removal not required for maintenance
    • Precision steel construction
    • Cornering clearance not compromised
    • Easy to install
    • No modifications needed
    Please note the following:
    • These bars are not designed to be compatible with the Original BMW accessory valve cover protectors.
    • Center support and bottom carrier are silver powdercoat. Only the protruding bars are chrome plated.
    • Please Note: The video for this product shows a bike that also has the saddlebag protection bars installed.

    *Installation estimated at 45 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    Richard Spencer
    Verified Buyer
    Look great!
    I bought these in black for my 2011 RT and I think they look great. However, I think for the high price they should come with stainless hardware. I replaced the center support zinc hex head bolts with stainless hex socket bolts, and the 6mm set screws with hex socket screws, which uses a larger hex wrench to tighten instead of the tiny hex wrench. Looks more professional. The lower support bracket took some work to get everything to line up, but it worked out okay. Also, either side can be removed from the center support for maintenance if necessary. I definitely recommend these engine bars.

    Hal Davis
    engine guard
    Look great and super fast shipping from Wunderlich. Thanks for the great service.

    Paul Smith
    Engine Protection Bar, Silver
    I bought my Engine Protection Bars back in 2008 when I rode to the Arctic Circle on my 2007 R1200RT. I have had them now on my RT for the last 10 years and they have saved me from damage when I've dropped my bike. Without them, I may not have been able to pick it up, hop back on and finish my ride!

    Neal Snyder
    Verified Buyer
    Walked away
    I had Wunderlich engine and bag bars on my 2006 RT when I had a slow-speed (5 mph?) accident at an intersection. I struck the right rear fender of the car in front of me and the bike fell to the right, coming to rest against a rather high curb on the engine and bag bars. If I hadn't had the bars on the bike, I think the weight and momentum of the falling bike against the curb would have broken my right leg. Short story, I got a new bike and got new bars.

    Kevin Roller
    Verified Buyer
    Engine protection bars
    Fit was great, shipped fast and packaged well. Look great on my r1200rt. Installation wasn’t too bad, but could use a little more clarity in the instructions. Pricey.

    Dennis Monk
    Verified Buyer
    engine protection bars
    The bars are nice. Only problem I had was getting the left? clutch side attachment at the top done. That was really not the bars fault, the oil line attachment to the same point did not line up exactly and had a hard time getting the bolt into the threads. Had to enlarge the hole on the bars ear just a little to make it fit. Probably the powder coating makes the holes a little smaller than intended. Instructions were not very clear. Loved the color photographs on the gps mount.

    Verified Buyer
    Difficult Instructions - Lacks pictures for proper screw selection
    I had trouble installing the engine guard cause the instructions were lacking pictures to help the user in correlating which size and shape of screw you needed for a particular section. I am not a mechanic, so for me I need pictures similar to the instructions for the rear crash guard. I ended up placing the most obvious screws in first and working my way around the guard off to the side of the bike. Once I had it figured out I was good and had no further installment issues. This can be installed by a novice just make sure you purchased the correct tools and have a plan where all the screws need to go. Designed perfectly around the bike! Placed on a 2012 BMW 1200RT. Love it

    Newman Montgomery
    Verified Buyer
    Great Product
    The bars were packaged very well and shipped in a timely manner. The installation wasn't difficult. The bars look very good on the bike and I feel the engine is well protected. I would recommend this product to others.

    Bill C.
    Verified Buyer
    Very satisfied!
    My mechanic installed them for me. He told me that they were not particularly difficult to install. He also stated that they were as well or better constructed than any other engine protection bars that he has ever installed. They look terrific. (Hopefully I'll never find out how well they work.)

    Don Wood
    Poorly thought out in several areas.
    I purchased this product less than a year ago before a 3 week trip to BC. It was difficult to fit on the bike & required some serious effort to align the mounting holes. I didn't give it much thought until last week when I had to remove the left side guard to try to mount some highway pegs. (that's another issue) At the attachment points at the front of the motor I discovered the left side bolt sheared off & the right side bracket attachment broken off. Good thing I didn't have to count on these things in a crisis. Poorly designed front attachment. The other issue is the space difference between guard & cylinder head, right vs. left. There is no room on the left side for highway peg attachment. Look elsewhere for a set of guards.

    Robert Wagner
    Engine Protection Bars
    Bars went on in an hour. Used rubber mallet. BMW valve cover protectors fit fine.

    Very Satisfied
    I had no problems with the installation ( the rubber mallet was a great idea ) and they look great. Very much worth the price to protect those fragile cylinder head covers.

    Chen chang
    Take a little effort to install. But okay

    Not as Hard as I Feared
    It's been ages since I turned a wrench and I've got some injuries (and age) that slowed me down quite a bit. But not counting a run to the tool store, this install took me about 1 1/2 hours. If you can get up and down from the ground like a normal human being, or have a lift so you don't have to, it will take you quite a bit less time. I put these bars on my 2011 R1200RT. Not nearly as difficult as the some of the horror stories here and none of the problems with ill fitting parts. The included instructions are insufficient and the online videos do not help much, but thanks to those who wrote here about having to remove a bolt on the left side and replace it with the included one, I managed. At one point, when the bottom support bracket appeared to be off by 1/2", and I thought I'd have to get out the Dremel and enlarge a hole on the bottom bracket considerably, I started composing a poor review in my head. Then I remembered that some writers here had mentioned the judicious use of a rubber mallet. Sure enough, one light tap and the holes lined up perfectly. My addition to the installation instructions is a warning to those with minimal tool kits. You'll need about 9" of ratchet extension to R & R the bolt that holds the crossover on the left side. It's waaaaay in there. I'm happy with the fit, finish and look of these bars. Now if only my highway pegs would arrive!

    Chris Marshall
    Crash Bars for the 2011RT
    Fits pretty well, however the directions don't mention removing a bolt you need to use to secure them -seems strange, also the stock BMW cyl head covers WILL FIT -however they are tight, but DO FIT. yes they will get scrapped up also -but that's a given as will the crash bars too. over all - good solid protection with these bars.

    George Lussier
    Look Great
    Bars look great on the bike. Hope I don't have the opportunity to find out how well they work. Installation was a bit tricky as the tolerances are so close that you can't tighten anything until all of the different pieces kind of push into place. Patience and a rubber mallet helped!

    Easy Installation - Great Looks
    Purchased these engine guards for my 2015RTW. The instructions are straightforward and the guards are very easy to install. They look great on the bike and - IMO - make the m/c look a bit more 'finished.' Quite happy with this product so far. Hopefully I'll never "need" it to do its job, though :)

    Cliff Thorne
    engine protection bars R1200RT.
    The product seems to be well made,except engineers need to reengineer tolerance fit measurements. I had to reshape the under mount by about a 1/4 to 3/8. It was off just enough to not work. One side mount loop that protects the valve covers had to be slightly pressured into place and the set screw had to be replaced. I think I lost it in the fight. That tiny screw should be enlarged to better accommodate the vibration. And why have the screws poin rt ing in two different direction? I suggest red locktite. They already worked loose.

    Joe Babkowski
    Poor Fitment on 2013 R1200RT
    I purchased this product used,it was previously mounted on a 2008 R1200RT. The bar assembly that bolts to the bottom of the engine is an extremely poor fit on my bike. I had to grind down the tops of the front tabs and parts of the tab welds, and also had to "stretch" all 4 mounting holes to get both the front and back to bolt up. Actually, the front wouldn't even bolt up by itself (the back would, but not in concert with the front. Since the previous owner had no difficulty with mounting the bar, I am assuming BMW may have made some minor changes to the casting for the lower crankcase. Once bolted in, however, these look really strong.

    Renee Strand
    Great product
    Excellent product. I bought both the engine and rear protection bars. I read all of the reviews about installation prior to beginning my project so I was well prepared for the time it takes, having 4 hands instead of two for the project, and the removal of all the plastic. If you're prepared for this, then you won't get stressed out. Just take the project one step at a time and it all goes together quite nicely. I am extremely happy with my bars and wish I had had them at the time I purchased my motorcycle and would have avoided scratching my engine and saddle bags when I tipped over the bike while stopped. But, at least I have them now and haven't tipped over the bike since having the protection.

    Ken W Keller
    Hope I never need them!
    Two factors led to my purchase of the Wunderlich engine protection bars. The one owner 2005BMW r1200rt that I bought was in showroom ready. Secondly, being a short, senior citizen, I was concerned about my adjustment to a taller heavier bike than I was used to riding. I was afraid that the bike might get away from me. The engine and read protection bars were a smart purchase. Additionally, they look good.

    Ronald Grosser
    2007 R1200RT engine protection bars
    Nice piece. I like the metallic silver powdercoat finish. Fitment was no problem as long as you leave all fasteners loose until starting the last bolt. Some crash bars I see look out of place, but the Wunderlich bars complement the bikes appearance.

    Jim Arnold
    2011 R1200RT engine bars
    The bars were a snap to install, just be sure to install the included installation bolt (about 2 1/2 inches long) from the left side of the Motorcycle! I'm really pleased with the looks and protection that they provide!

    Frank Ruffin
    Did it's job well
    (un)fortunately 2 weeks after having them installed I dropped the motorcycle (BMW RT1200) doing a U turn on a narrow uphill mountain road. Broke the foot rest & scratched the saddlebag but the engine block was unscathed & the mirror frame barely touched. could not have asked for a better protection. The bars did their job well.

    Chuck from Sunny San Diego
    Just like the Big Boys
    The bars were securely packaged, and the video online is great. Taking off the plastic was easier than my Suzuki (more screws but easier) The bars seem adequate, I haven't tested them yet. The color(silver) looks good and nearly matches the aluminum finish parts on the bike. I bought both the front and rear bars. Same goes for the rear saddle bag protection...excellent!

    Don Chase
    Front protection
    Very much enjoy the look and function of these bars. Relatively easy to install. Dealer liked them because on some the bars need to be removed for access, but not these.

    Don Chase
    Look nice & easy to install
    Not too bad to install - took a couple of hours. Had to stretch the bottom bracket a bit to fit but that was it. Dealer liked them because they will not interfere with access to the valve cover.

    john burke
    The bars work perfectly in every way. Had to pay the BMW dealer to install them - I just can't do that kind of work anymore at 70 years young. Even the mechanic was very impressed with them.

    Alfred Harness
    Front tip,over bars
    Well I purchased a set of front and rear protection bars for my new R1200rT after my first accidental drop in the middle of a down hill asphalt road while trying to turn around ,scratched my valve cover and the rear case,,ugle but able to live with it ,well got home put on the front bars on ,not that hard even for and old man under the shade tree ,decided not to put the rear bars on as it required removing the side panel and decided to wait,,bad decision , well the next day heading out the drive way which Is dirt and going down hill ,well had to get off to open the gate get back on go through get off to close the gate, like I said this is on a down hill slope Needless to say I dropped the dam thing again only good thing was it was the same side as before the right side,,,,to make a long story short the front bars worked exactly as they were suppose to ,prevented any more damage to the valve cover but it did sctracked my new bars but the bars worked just fine ,only wish I went ahead and put the rear bars on at the same time,but what the heack the case was already scratched and I still have a clean set of rear bars to install ,,,ha

    Paul Wilbur
    all I wanted
    This engine guard is just what I wanted. Easy to put on took about ½ hour. Looks good matches the silver paint on the bike. Let me mount highway pegs in a good position. Hope it will protect my bike, have not tested it yet.

    Jeff Kadison
    Needs better installation instructions
    Excellent product but needs better installation instructions. Front bar need to be marked which side is left and which is right. If this gets taken care of no problems what so ever.

    Daniel L. Nix
    Excellent Value #2
    I bought the Engine Protection Bars in conjunction with the saddlebag protection bars for my BMW R 1200 RT. I can\'t comment on the ease of installation because I had my BMW dealership put them on for me but I can say they really dress up the bike without being obtrusive. They are big enough to do the job but not so big that they overwhelm or detract from the appearance of the bike itself. While I hope I never drop my bike, I am confident that if it should happen, the bars will protect the engine cylinder heads and the other body parts. Wunderlich was wonderful to deal with and I wouldn\'t have any problems ordering any of their products in the future. I am totally happy with the bars and with Wunderlich.

    Jay Trofe
    Talk About Difficult!!
    Boy were these a bear to instal! The installation directions do not even tell you about a screw that you have to remove on the clutch side of the engine! Luckily, I was able to get help reading some of the other reviews on this website. Then getting the pieces to properly align was just about impossible! I almost gave up, but miraculously, they finally came together! It took a lot longer than I had hoped. They do look nice, once installed. They also provide some form of protection for the engine in the event of a fall. Unfortunately, I got a chance to try them out when my bike took a spill in my shed. I had the saddle bag guards on as well and while the bike did not suffer any damage, the guards themselves did get scuffed up. That makes me wonder how they would fair on macadam and while actually moving because they got scuffed up falling onto the wooden floor of my shed. Overall, though, I am very pleased with this purchase.

    Ron Rummel
    Installation was a snap due to the tips shared here ... to all of those who took the time to share their info.. Thank You!! Very nice product, well made and look great on my new RT..

    Engine Protection Bars
    The bars were easy to install and look great on the bike. I have not had to test the bars thank goodness so I can not give a review for the amount if protection they provide.

    Mad Max
    the more protection the better
    after I removed the chessy plastic valve cover protectors my dealer sold me, the installation of the wunderluch engine protection bars was easy and took about 30 minutes. The finish matches the color of my lowers, so they look like they belong, and match the saddle bag protectors I installed first. Good sturdy product will protect the paint and plastic in the event of a tip over, well worth the money.

    Spencer Bennett
    Spencer Bennett
    Bars appear to be very well made and will serve their intended purpose well. Instructions were pathetic. Install is a bit of a hassle, especially if you do not want to take the lower fairing off. Have to be removed to access the alternator belt or do other major inspections. Overall I am happy with them as they do look good on the bike. They are scaled nicely to the RT.

    Bill Morrissett
    Cheap Hardware
    The engine protection kit comes with grade 2 plated bolts of the poorest quality that could be found. The hardware should be high quality stainless. The allen heads began to round off when tightening because the metal is too soft. Guaranteed to rust. The directions are below par, lousy pictures and the instructions are not model specific, did not mention a factory bolt had to be removed from my RT for installation, also flipping from the front to the back and rotating the page 180 degrees each time to go from written instruction to referenced photo. If you are not mechanically inclined the install could be confusing. The fit and finish are good but the threaded holes had to be tapped to get the powder coat clear to allow bolts to be installed. A lot of money for cheap hardware to be included. Stainless hardware would have cost Wunderlich pennies more to include but they sent the cheap stuff. Disappointed.

    Look Great!
    Because I had read previous reviews, installation was easy. The tip to remove a bolt on the left side of the engine got me off on the right course. By leaving all bolts hand threaded hole alignment was not too difficult. This technique is usually standard practice for any assembly with multiple connection points, much like racks for panniers. Also, I like to have a little tension on the components when they are tightened down. I used a touch of blue lock tight and lock washers too.

    Doug Stracener
    Nice Product, but some issues
    These bars are solid protection for the engine, and look great with the bike, and combined with the case protection bars, gives a nice look and solid tip-over protection for the RT. There are a couple of issues however. Considering the expense of this item, the hardware supplied is cheap, and causes some problems getting the bolts threaded into place. I replaced ALL the mounting hardware with locally obtained stainless steel items, and things mounted up much better. The lower mounting bar attached to the bottom of the engine requires some leverage to get the bolt holes to match up with the engine. This appears to be a problem with whatever jig is being used to weld the tabs onto the tubing. A major issue was the right side (brake side) crossover bar mounting bolt. The supplied unit is too long, and when I was running it in with my ratchet wrench and socket, it bottomed out on the engine and sheared the head off the cheap bolt that came with the kit. This necessitated extracting the broken stud (PITA), and obtaining a much shorter bolt, now stainless steel. Other than these problems, it is a nice addition to the bike, and the bars can be removed easily for engine service before taking to the dealership. A really nice feature is that these bars fit over the GS style metal engine guards, so you can have a lot of protection for the cylinders.

    Engine protection bars
    The finish is very good. The installation instructions omitted a very important step. The bolt for the top cross over bar has a vacant threaded hole it fits right in. On the left side, there is a bolt that NEEDS TO BE REMOVED before you can fit the bar. That should be the first step in installing the top cross-over bar. Once you follow the instructions and loosely attach the bolt on the right side, the left side is right over the bolt that needs to be removed. Otherwise it all went together well and is solid. I did notice that the side bars did not slide all the way onto the top cross over bar, but since the side bars had set screws, I figured that was part of the design to accommodate slight differences between bikes and installations.

    Engine Bars
    Cake walk to install. It's nice knowing the protection is there just in case. These are rock solid. Look good too.

    G. Thomas
    Farkle Days
    As several add ons were being installed at the same time I took off 75% of the tupperware to accomplish everything at one time. The Bars went in fairly easy doing the install by myself, though a second set of hands would helped to align the upper bolts.

    R Vilim
    R1200RT crash bars
    Good fit, no straining required to fit, about an hour to install but I took the fairing off to ease insatllation so took a bit longer. Looks good and unobtrusive but a bit crude on the underside with exposed bolts.

    Mike Trainor
    Looks Great
    Follow the instructions,get all bolts in place then tighten it all up.Keep a rubber mallet handy for that final tap into place and to make it easier to get the bolts lined up and started 30 minute job tops.

    Bars Bend
    Was making a slow speed u-turn and bike went down. The bars bent and the bottom of the cylinder head was scraped. Thought that wasn't supposed to happen. Will be looking for bars that do not bend. Otherwise the bars look great but I do not have much confidence in them if a high speed slide were to happen.

    Great Bars
    Nice clean install, very tight to as advertised, no obstruction to lean angles. Install was simple, keep it all loose then line up and fasten.

    Mark Geldmacher
    Great Product!! - Install Tips
    Okay, having just finished my instal (30+ minutes), I have some imediate tips that worked well for me. First off, the product is great. It looks beautiful, blends in well, very unobtrusive. I hope I only keep it clean and never actually need it! The previous comment about needing to remove an existing bolt from the left side is certainly true. The threaded hole on the right side is plainly visible and reasonably accessable, but the left side is a different story. Not only will you need to remove the bolt, but alignment is difficult. To make this work, I installed the right side first, snug but not tight. This allow for positioning of the bars, but they'll remain in place when moved. To make the alignment, I used a 12" phillips screwdriver to get everything in position. Then I used an 18" extension (3/8" drive) to place the bolt. It sounds a bit awkward, but it made the install very simple. For the lower bracket, the back bolts are a breeze, but the front bolt is difficult. The mounting bar allows just for enough clearance if you use a mallet and drift to "position" the thru-bolt. A few smacks and everything lined up. For the bars, I insert the upper section into the cross bar and snugged it loosely with the set screw. On the bottom, there are 3 mount bolts (2 in front, 1 in back). I started the back bolt first. This allow the most flexibility for alignment. With the back bolt started, I used a phillips screwdrive in one of the front mount holes to make alignment, while installing the other front mount bolt. This allows for pulling the bars into position while installing the mount bolts. Once one of the front mount bolts is installed, the second is a breeze. Once everything was installed, I then went back around to every fastener and tightened them to the torque specified. Having made/installed many components fabricated from tubing, sheet metal, etc., I understand that even the best designed and fabricated products will "relax" into a position different from original fabrication. This is particularly true of tubing that has been post-fabrication processed (powdercoated) since the heat generated during processing will cause normalization of the material. Overall, everything lined up perfectly and looks wonderful. I can't wait to get my back bars to protect the saddle bags. Thanks!!

    Rob Chapple
    Does the job
    Takes a bit of time to install but well designed. I mounted my driving lights (Denali D2) on them.

    J L Walker
    15 minutes return
    I received this item really fast. With the J-pegs this item would not fix the bike. I call the company and a man said just return the item. Two days later I had a full refund. Great customer service. I would highly recommend this company, great tech support.

    Tony B.
    Gotta read the instructions and get a rubber mallet.
    Installation was fairly straightforward, install the top bar, then the bottom bracket, and fit the bottom screws before sliding the side bars into the top bracket. Then comes the mallet; you have to " guide" the top bar into the fitting with some gentle rubber persuasion. If you try fitting the top bar and then the screws, it will never fit! Looks great, solidifies the bottom half and has plenty of room to lean the bike. Read the instructions carefully and it should go together as designed. The left side assembles much easier than the right, probably due to the head being slightly offset. I plan on adding the bag bars later as funding allows. BMW=Bring My Wallet! Nice product, wished the chrome was not sold out when I purchased. Sehr Gut, Wunderlich!

    Tourist vs RT
    Tourist in a small rental car pulled out in front of me and my beloved RT on highway. T bone impact at 55 mph sheared front rim, bent/collapsed front forks and sent me flying. The engine protection bars held up amazingly well and the while the bike was totaled the bars and engine were in good condition. Warning: take my word for it but don't try this at home.

    Richard Chick
    Saved me big bucks!
    During my first ride after purchasing a new R1200RT this winter I dropped the bike causing about $600 in cosmetic damages to the right side cylinder cover, fairing, pannier and mirror. It also pinned my leg so that I needed the help of some passers-by to get me back upright. During the repairs, I decided to add both the engine protection and rear bars by Wunderlich. I also had the seat lowered an inch, after which my confidence on the bike grew to the point where I considered removing both sets of bars to achieve a more sporty look. -- Until the other day a motorist speeding through an intersection caused me to pull up short and lose balance again, resulting in a 2nd drop. This time I was easily able to get right up and use the Wunderlich-recommended lifting method to raise my bike. When I inspected for damage I could find none - not a mark on the bike, fairing, cylinder head, mirror, pannier or bars. Not even a paint scratch on the bars. Needles to say, those bars are staying right on the bike.

    Tim Becker
    RT engine Guard
    Took about 30 minutes to install the engine guard and everything fit perfectly. The Guards are not overly obvious, nor do they distract from the RT's lines. Even someone with extremely limited wrenching ability could install them in 30 minutes. This guard is very nice but I'd like to see them increase the diameter of the horizontal bar to 1" to facilitate a variety of aftermarket pegs instead of a select few.

    Alan Bright
    Made me swear
    Look good when installed. A trying time fitting some parts especially the first one. No mention of having to remove a bolt on the left side before inserting the replacement, that made me swear. Had to use quite a bit of force to get every thing to line up. I would love to make the guys that make these fit a few!

    Should have installed a long time ago!
    After my RT dropped in the driveway, I regret not purchasing these earlier. Fairly simple to install, eventhough the bolts issued for the bottom-most atatching area were a bit too long (I had to buy some s.s.washers. Follow the directions to the letter! I suggest including the torque amounts as a part of each photo section/hardware used. Now, I need to purchase the rear/saddlebag protectors.

    Jeff P
    Protection bars look and work great
    I can't comment on the installation because I had the bars shipped direct to my dealer and installed there. So installation couldn't have been easier! I ordered the silver for my 2012 RT in midnight blue, and the bars match the rest of the bike perfectly! I have both the engine and pannier protection bars and have received lots of compliments on the looks. Plus, unfortunately, I can now report that they work as advertised. I dropped the bike at the gas station of all places, and when I picked it back up, there was not a scratch on it, except on the ends of the protection bars which aren't even noticeable. So I can attest these bars work as advertised and will protect your bike!

    Terry Davis
    Great protection, good looks install a major PITA.
    The good: These bars look great on the bike and are very solid once on. The bad: The engine guards were more straight forward to install than the side case protectors. (At least in theory) Directions could have been a little bit better, but you'll figure it out with some trial and error. The biggest issue with these bars is the fit. After reading some of the other reviews it seems they simply will not fit out of the box. I can confirm this. Fitting is required. Be mindful that you don't pull the bike down on top of you while trying to bend and contort these bars to line up bolt holes. Installing these bars on my RT was no big mystery, but getting the proper fit was absolutely ridiculous. Somewhere I was reading that someone had to use a ratchet tie-down strap to bend the piece to fit. Come on Wunderlich. Where's that German precision we all like to see. My advice: If you have money to burn, take these and your RT to the dealership and have them deal with the headache of putting them on.

    Not quite right
    I have a lot of minor irritations on this one. It took "forever" to get. Several weeks after the order and of course a different shipment from the rest of the stuff. Installation was not easy because the fitment was "just off" enough that I had to make some slight modifications to get it to fit, such as trimming down the bottom support, cleaning up the welds to get it to mate to the engine block, brute force shaping of the side bars to get them to line up, etc. For the money, I expected better. Dont try to install without a good quality mallet. Once installed, I'm satisfied with the look and function.

    Andre' Lisee
    After looking at many engine gards Wunderlich look the best, I call in the order and fews days lather was deliver to my house, After reading the instruction the job was simple done in one hours and all parts fit very well and look good, definely use Wunderlich for all I need for my Bemmer

    Sergio Guillen
    Handsome and effective
    These protection bars are excellent. Installation is simple, but special attention is needed for the last step to ensure proper alignment. Once done, they are solid and look wonderful on the bike. They are a great value and Wunderlinch delivery was quick and accurate. I would highly recommend this product for anyone owning an RT.

    Tom Peterson
    2010 RT
    Installation was a snap. Installed in about a half an hour. No problems at all. I ordered the chrome version, they look great. I still plan to add teh rear crash bars later. They are pricey, but, well worth the expense.

    David Spencer
    Relieved they work
    Upon parking my new 2012 BMW R1200RT on the street in downtown Phoenix I dismounted, stumbled and pulled the motorcycle over on its right side because the street surface sloped towards the curb. I am pleased and relieved that all the damage was confined to the engine protection bar and the luggage protection bar I installed beforehand. Thank you Wunderlich America.

    Peter Gray
    Design of crash bars for the 2011 RT
    I was disappointed with the manufacture of the right side bar. As I was installing the bars I noticed that the left side went together and the final product looks like it will protect the heads without any touching of the bars with the faring parts and the upper connection is good and tight. Unfortunately the same can not be said for the right side. To keep the bars from putting pressure on the lower faring I needed to first install the provided foam pad then I also backed out the top connection which I am not sure is as safe and in case of a fall will push in the rest of the way putting great pressure on the plastic faring. I do not understand why the same design can't be manufactured for the right side as the left.

    Nikolai Kolodyaznyy
    Easy to install, it provide good engine protection

    Paul Encarnación
    Slight struggle during install was worth it
    I was alone at home when I had to do this install this weekend, so I can attest that it can be accomplished by one person, although it would have helped if my son was around, to hold a flashlight, hand me tools, hold bars in place, etc. I had to read the instructions and look at the photos a few times to figure out where I was supposed to attach the first piece. On the right side, there is an unused hole where one of the bolts is to go; but on the left side, you need to unscrew an existing bolt and then replace it with a longer bolt supplied with the engine guard. The instructions didn't say anything about this, but it appeared to be the only way. Also, it took a but of trial and error to get the bottom unit on, and lined up with the holes. A bit of patience and some pounding, got it in place and bolted on. Finally, one of the side pieces was difficult to get the holes lined up for the bolts. I was able to get it on, by putting the rear side with the single bolt on first, before the front side with the pair of bolts. Once it was all on and bolted down, it looked great, and felt nice and solid. I hope I don't need to test it, but it definitely gives me a bit more peace of mind. Thanks Wunderlich!

    Robert Charron
    Good Engine Protection
    Easy to install, it provide good engine protection.

    Engine Protection Bars, Silver
    It look's good and it was easy too mount.

    Lew Hansen
    No problem with installation.
    Installed the engine protection bars on my '09 R1200RT following an accident in which I was rear-ended by a Lincoln. Installation was straight-forward and uneventful. I used blue threadlocker on all fasteners and made sure I had all tools and everything laid out before starting. Took about an hour, and they look great on the bike. Happy to have discovered Wunderlich!

    Ian Mitchell
    Nice Bars
    Bars were easy to install. Good all round protection. They look very nice and are out of the way. Shipping to Canada was very smooth and quick.

    Robert Meyers
    Engine protection bars r1200rt
    Items were obtained prior to vehicle delivery. I installed them the same day, fortunately, as I got careless pushing the RT off the center stand, and laid it down, not too gently. Only damage was small scratches on the protection bars and a small scrape on the rear of the valve cover. I believe the bag protection bars would have prevented even this if they had been installed. Installation was extremely easy, and accomplished by one person (Me) with the vehicle on the side stand. After my initial experience, I can only say I believe they are well worth the expense. They look good on the bike, and Iliumworks highway pegs look good and work well with the product.

    Gary K
    installation of rear saddlebag and front engine protector bars
    Just finished installation of the rear saddlebag guards and front engine valve protector bars on my 2009 RT. Bars look great with fit and finish. Instructions are fair at best and will take twice the time figuring them out. I bought the bars to help with the possible tip over which I had the first week of owning the bike. Learn to park the bike in gear and you'll have no problems. I also installed the rear passenger frame covers and with the rear bars there is much cutting of the plastic covers to fit them with the saddlebag protector bars. All in all, great products Wunderlich.

    Ronald Allen
    Good Fit and Good Looking
    I purchased the silver engine guards for my 2009 RT. I like the fit of the unit on the bike and the way they look on the machine. However, the mounting of the engine guards is not a one-person job. The engine guards were not a perfect fit. By that, I mean they fit but they had to be push and pulled a little to get all the holes to line up. This could be a case of the welding fixture not holding the unit precisely while it is being welded during manufacturing. However, it was not a huge deal to get them mounted and within an hour of starting, a friend and I had them on the machine. I would recommend these units as they do mount under the engine and would offer some protect the bottom of the engine yet they will not get in the way while doing my own service. At alternator belt, change time the front crosspiece may have to be removed to get clearance to change the belt but that is only a 24K service. They are worth the money!

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