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Rear Protection Bars, Silver
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      Rear Protection Bars, Silver

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      Time 45 minutes*

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      Caution! Our Rear Protection Bars, Silver does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.
      Warning! Important information below in the description.


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    Rear Protection Bars, Silver

    These bars not only offer great protection for the expensive, original RT saddlebags, but also provide a genuine visual highlight. What has long been standard equipment for authority motorcycles is now available for civilian use. Made from rigid, seamless precision tubular steel, Wunderlich engineers have developed this supplemental bar that protects the side panels and bags of the RT against bumps and falls. At the same time, the bars are so discreet that they impede neither the rider's nor the passengers mobility. The easy operation of the original bag also remains unchanged. Additional advantage: The bars are a perfect lifting point and can be used to attach further accessories or luggage. For best results and protection for your bike, we suggest that you also install our engine protection bars.


    • Comfortable holding point for the passenger
    • Supplemental reinforcement of sub-frame
    • Made of seamless, precision steel tubing
    • Robust attachment at four points on each side
    • Ideal for the attachment of additional accessories or luggage
    • Perfect lifting point when placing the bike on the center stand
    • Protects the saddlebags from front and side impact, also in a tip over
    • Complete set of left & right bars with instructions and all needed hardware
    • Unobtrusive; full range of rider and passenger movement unchanged
    • Operation, removal, installation of saddlebags unchanged
    • No modifications to the bike are needed
    • Does not fit Low suspension models
    • Made in Germany

    Because the saddlebags are the widest point of the bike, wider than the cylinders, damage without these guards is more likely.

    Please Note: Not for Low Suspension Models! Why? The Paralever strut of the rear suspension may contact the inner mounting point of the protection bar under full suspension compression.

    Installation tip: Please see the Product Video link above for supplemental installation instructions. The video for this product also has some useful information. Please note that the bike in the video also has our engine protection bars installed.


    Please Note: Exceptions to model/year fitment

    Model: Notes:
    R1200RT Not for Low Suspension

    *Installation estimated at 45 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.


    Neal Snyder
    Verified Buyer
    No broken leg
    I had Wunderlich engine and bag bars on my 2006 RT when I had a slow-speed (5 mph?) accident at an intersection. I struck the right rear fender of the car in front of me and the bike fell to the right, coming to rest against a rather high curb on the engine and bag bars. If I hadn't had the bars on the bike, I think the weight and momentum of the falling bike against the curb would have broken my right leg. Short story, I got a new bike and got new bars.

    Verified Buyer
    Requires removing hard bags, numerous screws, and plastic panel.
    I found it best to use painters tape and mask off the plastic tupperware in which I was removing/installing to help prevent damage in the process. Instructions were only slightly awkward because at first it did not seem like it was the correct kit. Upon coming back to it a day later I flew through installation without further issues. I think I was just tired. Instructions offer detailed pictures as well as hardware used. These instructions are much clearer than the ones found with the engine crash guard. Love the black color and wished these were standard from factory! Looks great when complemented with the engine crash guard. Installed on a 2012 BMW 1200RT.

    Bill C.
    Verified Buyer
    Very satisfied!
    My mechanic installed them for me and said that they installed with little difficulty. He also told me that they were as well or better constructed than any bag guards he has ever installed. I'm very pleased with how they look.

    Muffler Bolt Issue Solved by Wunderlich
    After reading the review written by Joe Babowski and agreeing with his assessment that "it is NOT acceptable to require additional dismantling every time a rear tire needs to be replaced," I spoke to a Wunderlich rep at the motorcycle show in Long Beach. He said that since most shops has a bike lift that drops the rear of the lift, that there's no need to move the muffler to get the wheel out. It just drops straight out the bottom. Problem is I might have to do a repair by the side of the road or at a shop that does not have such a lift. Roadside repairs are bad enough without having to do a disassembly that requires removing the rear luggage rack, especially since it requires the removal of some side panels first. I got a collet as Joe described and was prepared to use it, but when I pre−fitted the left bar to the bike, it seemed that there was adequate clearance for a bolt except that the stock bolt had a Torx fitting and there wasn't sufficient clearance for the tool. I replaced the stock Torx bolt with a hex head of the same length and a flat fender washer to replace the stock cone washer, and there was clearance to disengage it from the captive nut that holds the muffler on. You can't remove the bolt, but once it's disengaged from the nut, you don't need to. I didn't need to use the collet that Joe describes to provide more clearance for the muffler bolt. Perhaps Wunderlich has changed the spacing on the bars? One of the screws at the rear of the luggage rack, that come up from the tail light housing, refused to come out. I loosened about 1/2" but then it refused to move any further, and I didn't want to break the rack, the bolt, or strip the hole. I managed to remove the side panels by propping the rack up with a piece of wood. This allowed me access to the rest of the screws. After watching the video for the Ilium rear protection bars and seeing how simple the installation was, there's no need to remove any racks or panels, I was tempted to go that way. But they don't come up very high and I'm not sure that if the bike rolled further onto its side in a stationary or slow tip−over or faster a get−off, that they'd protect the top of the side boxes. Also, since they're so low, they're not useful as a handle to get the bike onto the center stand, or for a passenger to use as a hand hold. I do like that they're so low profile and that they can easily be removed of I decide to ride without the bags, but so far, that's never happened. UPDATE: I took an Intermediate Rider's Course the weekend after the installation. As (bad) luck would have it, I dropped the bike on the left side, during a slow speed riding maneuver. But the good news is that the bar worked exactly as designed. It protected the bag and there wasn't a (new) mark on it.

    Joe Babkowski
    Muffler Bolt Issue Resolved
    These are indeed robust bars....however, had I read the review citing the problem with accessing the rear muffler bolt, I would not have purchased them. That said, after removing the requisite bodywork, I mounted the left side bar and immediately observed the problem with the muffler bolt being blocked. I decided to either come up with a work around, or return the product - it is NOT acceptable to require additional dismantling every time a rear tire needs to be replaced. I removed the left side bar, and the muffler bolt and the large "washer" it passes through, and headed to the hardware store (without the left side bar, of course). I found a collet with an outside diameter slightly smaller than the recessed hole the stock torx bolt set in, and with a height very slightly greater than the depth of that hole. The inside diameter was too small for the 8mm to pass through, but there was adequate material to drill it to size. I also purchased a hex head 8mm bolt that was 5mm longer than the original. Once the collet was drilled out (nothing sophisticated, just clamped it with a vise grips and used my electric power drill), I installed the bolt through the collet, and the BMW support washer, and bolted through to the muffler. When the left side crash bar is reinstalled, there is just enough clearance to back the bolt out enough to disengage the captured nut of the muffler clamp. The bolt can't be removed, but the muffler is free to be swung out of the way and the tire can then be removed. I admit I am a retired engineer, but not a mechanical engineer, so I have no special skills in this area. I am disappointed that Wunderlich has not included a similar solution with the kit. The collet I purchased was a Hillman H#838617 - 1/4"x1/2"x9/32". I obtained it at the local Ace hardware. It also appears on the Home Depot web page: BTW, my bike is a 2013. I assume this solution should work fine for all 2010 to 2013 bikes, and may work for earlier RT's as well, but have no immediate way to verify.

    George Lussier
    Easy install with the directions
    Install went fine on 2013 RT by following directions. Wish the bars were in place the first time I dropped the bike! Oh well. The bars are not attractive when riding without the bags. They do help you get the bike on the center stand. They are not in the way of the passenger after they are seated on the bike, but my regular passenger has had to modify how she swings her right leg over the seat to avoid a bit of an impact with the bar.

    Tracy P
    One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
    These bars are beautiful and offer great protection but they have one big problem. Once installed the left bar covers access to the bolt that is used on the muffler hanger. This bolt has to be removed in order to do certain maintenance work such as, removing the rear wheel and tire or servicing the rear drive. Wunderlich could have very easily designed this bar to avoid this but they did not. Having to remove this bar every time I need to do maintenance will add a considerable amount of time and is not something I'm looking forward to.

    Dan Morton
    More than just a protection bar.
    Theses worked out tremendous for me. It only took me a couple of hours to install the bars and on top of that I put a pair of saddlemen gaurd bar bags, now I have more space to put items that are very easy to get to and a cup holder on each side a great investment as far as I am concerned .

    Howard Kidd
    Thank goodness for my rear protection bars
    After riding an '04 R1150RT for several years, I purchased a mint 2011 R1200RT about a month ago. Since the bike already had some cylinder head protection, the first thing I did was buy and install the Wunderlich rear protection bars for the side cases. Yesterday, sitting at a stop sign, the lady in front of me decided she needed to back up for some reason. Needless to say, when she hit me I went over. Thank goodness, the protection bar was there to protect my side case and it got nary a scratch. Even though the bar sustained some damage, better it than the side case!

    Renee Strand
    Great product
    Excellent product! I just wish I had known about them when I bought my bike and could have saved the scratches on my saddle bags. I did read all of the reviews about installing the bars and all of the griping about taking off all of the plastic, but if you go into the project knowing that it is a bit time consuming and tedious then you won't get stressed out. We (two of us) did it as a project together and yes, 4 hands are much better than two - so I would recommend that you have a partner to help.

    Ken W Keller
    Complete package
    The Wunderlich rear protection bars complement the engine protection bars. I felt that the one, owner showroom ready 2005 BMW r1200rt that I bought needed a bit of extra protection. Especially considering the fact that I am a short, senior citizens with limited experience riding taller sports bikes. The local BMW dealer installed both engine and rear bars.

    Bill Ouimet
    excellent product
    READ INSTRUCTION-perfect fit-easy install-IMPORTANT-replace muffler bolt w/stainless steel 1/4 in bolt, washers(front & rear) w/nut facing out towards muffler (this allows removal of muffler without having to remove left bag protector)

    Jim Kerr
    Non-wrencher perspective
    I am not a wrencher--I'm a rider. I was able to complete the installation, but it was a challenge. The instructions with the addendum were mostly okay. I struggled with the tail light dis-assembly. I couldn't get the perspective on what I was unscrewing. A friend helped me out. There is a recessed screw on each "wing" of the tail light assembly -- that's what the picture is showing. My total time was about 4 hours -- including a trip to Home Depot. With luck, I hope to never test out the bars!

    Ryan Gniazdowski
    Will be a problem for passenger
    The bars are obviously well made and designed. They fit well. However,it should be strongly noted that a passenger under 5' 8" will be uncomfortable due to the bars hitting the back of the knee. Regretably, this issue caused me to remove the bars.

    john romito
    rear protection bars
    this product seems to be outstanding and is very strong. It fits well and looks good.

    Rear Wheel Access
    This is in the nature of a follow-up. One of the complaints I and others have mentioned is the lack of clearance between the bar bracket where it covers the torx head bolt the secures the rear muffler hanger. I've managed to replace the bolt and the bespoke washer at that location with a 1 inch hex head bolt that will clear the caged retaining nut when loosened. That allows the muffler hanger to swing free while the bolt remains trapped in the gap be the bar bracket and muffler hanger tab. Seems to work and saves the labor and time of removing the left side bar.

    Looks Great!
    I really like the look on the bike. Like others have said, getting the bike up on center stand way easier now. I use then as anchor points now for luggage on passenger seat too. Would definately look at "how to" for removal of all the "plastic" and rear rack to speed things up.

    Quick Security
    After downloading the instructions for the necessary disassembly of the bikes back end, this was a pretty quick project. When completed the bars feel pretty robust and really make getting to the center stand a lot easier. The bike is in winter storage now, but my main pillion rider tried it out and felt like the new bars rubbed a little. We'll know for sure in the spring. It also appears that in order to remove the rear tire the rear body trim and luggage rack will have to be removed.

    Rear Protection Bars
    Look good and are functional. But... difficult to install. Removal of side panels and then re-installing them was a major pain. Took hours to complete. At times frustrating.

    Already saved me
    Wow, no sooner did I have the protection installed than I took the bike off the center stand and proceeded to lose it on its right side. The bars protected the right-side case just like it was supposed to! Man, was that a close call! I would definitely purchase this product again.

    Don Chase
    Good crash bars
    Installing them was a pain especially since the side panels had to be removed. The screws in the tail light section were a real pain - can't see in there, limited working room, and screw and screw holes don't easily align. Once you get past these hurdles the rest was easy. Took 3+ hours to do.

    Ken Schleman
    Good Bars
    Well made and they do fit well on my wife's R1200RT . I would buy them again.

    Ray Lackey
    Already Saved Me
    Just installed the rear protection bars last week and they already saved my right-side case... tipped over as I took motorcycle off center stand. Just like the video showed, the bar protected the side case from touching the garage floor. Definately worth the effort to install... which I did myself.

    john burke
    simple, clever and effective
    simple, clever and effective. What else can I say. BMW could learn a few things from Wunderlich.

    O Torres
    Saved My Case From Debris
    I bought these bars prior to a long trip. While riding on the freeway, a vehicle ahead and to the left of me kicked up a metal bar, it looked like a big wheel weight. The metal bar hit the protective bar. The impact was so hard, it nicked the protective bar in several spots and chipped the paint off to the bare metal. I imagine the case would have been destroyed by the bar since the impact occurred as I traveled at about 70 mph. The protective bars payed for themselves right there and then. It would be helpful if Wunderlich supplied touch up paint with the bars to fix those nicks. I took photos of the chips but unfortunately I cannot upload photos with this review.

    Francis Geiger
    Nice product but a problem
    I am not a mechanic but after watching the video and reading the directions I managed to install the bars. Nice finish on the silver bars and good fit for all of the fastening points. Problem with the left side bar at the bottom where it ends very near the muffler attachment bolt. The bar end blocks access to the bolt head. I think the bar end could have been bent in a manner to permit access to the muffler bolt head when manufactured. Or some work around offered on how to remove the muffler bolt without removing the protection bar.

    Paul Wilbur
    All I wanted
    This engine guard is just what I wanted. Easy to put on took about hour. Looks good matches the silver paint on the bike. Hope it will protect my bike, have not tested it yet.

    Proper RT protection
    Our '09 RT had been dropped by its previous owner and the right case cover was badly scratched. I purchased a half pint of color matched two stage paint, prepped, filled, primed, applied paint, color sanded and buffed the case cover. I was searching for just such case protection to avoid a repeat of the hours of repair I had just made when we attended a recent club ride and saw the rear protection bars on a fellow members RT. He heartily recommended them and after installation on our ride I'm sure they will do the job. I found the bars and hardware of good quality and the installation a challenge but not formidable. I would recommend these bars be installed early in every RT's life.

    Andy Sullivan
    Rear protection bars
    Excellent product. I bought the silver and they match the color of the lower panels and rear rack. Excellent fit. Bags easy to remove and put back on. Added advantage is the bar is great to lift bike onto the center stand. Take note!! It would be wise to remove the star bolt in the exhaust suspension bracket and replace it with a nut/bolt combo. You can't get a star fitting in to remove the exhaust but could get a wrench in.

    Jeff Kadison
    Great product
    Great product, well made, easy to install

    Daniel L. Nix
    Excellent Value
    I ordered the rear protection bars for my new BMW R 1200 RT because I felt the cost would be little compared to the damage to the saddlebags in the event that I dropped the bike. My BMW dealership installed the bars and they did an excellent job. I ordered the chrome because I thought it would look classy. I was right. The bars look great and I have no doubts that they will do the job in the event of a drop. I also like the fact that the bars do not stick way out. They are out enough to do the job but not enough to overwhelm the appearance of the bike. I couldn't be happier with my Wunderlich rear protection bars.

    Gary Hargrove
    Great addition to my RT
    Dropped the bike shortly after purchase. Scratched the bag pretty bad. Just ordered and received the rear bars. Took them to my local dealer and they were installed in less than an hour. Look good and give me a little more confidence and peace of mind. Hope I don't have to use them, but it's comforting to know they are there.

    John Howard
    Bars Contact & Damage Paraliver
    Purchased the bars in Australia from Motohansa in 2013. And yes, they require the removal of parts for installation, and yes, they look nice, and yes, they will interfere with a pillion with short legs, and yes, they will protect your side cases in a minor tip over. And yes, no solution for the silencer mounting bolt is provided or mentioned in the mounting instructions, and yes, the right hand bar upper mount connected to the frame behind the rear body panel will come in contact with the rear suspention Paralever and rear brake line cover and Damage both components. This is unacceptable. Buy at your own risk!

    Jay Trofe
    Unfortunately, Got A Chance To Try Them Out!
    Installation instructions could have been a little better. Also, parts had to be \"manipulated\" in order to fit properly. Once installed, they do provide a very solid guard around the side cases. It gives you a nice grip to pick the bike up if needed. Which, I had to do immediately after I installed these. I was moving the bike and thought I had put the kick stand down, went to get off the bike and quickly found out I hadn\'t put the kick stand Dow. It had sprung back up. I had the engine gurds in place as well. Luckily! There was no damage to the bike it\'s self, but both the engine guard and the saddle bag guards got scuffed up. I was a little surprised by that because it fell on the wooden floor of my shed. I was disappointed, but glad they were there to take the brunt of the fall. I\'m not too us rhos they would have faired if I had been moving at a fair clip and they had fallen on macadam.

    ted hall
    Rear Protection Bar
    Well made, but a bear to install. Lotsa plastic to remove before installation. Took me a few hours diddling(tm) to get the install and get back together. Don\'t drop the screws while doing the work, it\'s a mutha getting them back in your fingers.

    austin hutton
    good investment
    I\'ve always had bag guards on my touring bikes. These were the closest match to the engine guards. The installed easily and are sturdy. They provide a convenient grip point when putting the bike on the center stand

    Rear Protection Bars
    I installed the bars and all went like expected with the installation. I took the bike for the first ride and part of the nuts and bolts fell off. I called and Wunderlich and they did send me replacement nuts for both side of the bike. The close nut needs lock tight or it might fall off. Overall great product just one little issue. They need to add in their installation notes to use lock-tight.

    Tony B.
    Not so tough to install
    After reading all of the reviews and the apparent problems encountered by others installing these bars, I have come to the realization that most of the errors came prior to the new instructions being posted. It was a fairly easy job, taking a couple hours total. Take your time removing the Tupperware and the bars go right on as designed. Thread all screw on by hand and tighten once all are installed,. Only wished they stayed with torx fasteners instead of allen head. On less tool to keep around. Slick product, thanks.

    Spencer Bennett
    Rear Protection Bars
    The bars are very well made and will serve their intended purpose well. Without the bags on the bike they do look a little odd, but blend in well with the bags on. Installation instructions are pathetic and the install takes a little longer than I anticipated. Once mounted, they are easy to remove and replace if required for maintenance.

    Doug Stracener
    Very strong protection
    These bars were the first thing I added to the bike after purchase. You do not want to drop on the nice painted cases ! Installation is a bit tedious and requires removal of all the tupperware, and taking apart the rear rack to mount the bars on each side, but taking time and cross checking your work will result in a very strong setup that gives the civilian RT the same protection the RTP bikes have when combined with the engine protection bars.

    Kim Cravens
    Great product
    Great product, good instructions, had to get detailed instructions from the website. Not too difficult to install. Had an issue with not being able to remove the vertical screws behind the tail-light because the metal threaded inserts were spinning in the plastic BMW luggage rack. After I resolved that, things went smoothly. I would definitely recommend this product

    Rear protection bars
    Rock solid. Some tweaking involved for lining up anchor points. Install all the bolts loosely first, then tighten. This helps. Great anchor points for straps. Center stand lift is now a breeze.

    G. Thomas
    Farkle Days
    As several add ons were being installed at the same time I took off 75% of the tupperware to accomplish everything at one time. The Bars went in fairly easy doing the install by myself. They also make putting the bike up on the center stand much easier.

    Dan Barbour
    BMW Protection Bar
    Even with the second set of insructions,the instructions are not complete.There are more screws to be removed from the bike than in the instructions.The rubber clamp bushings have both a threaded back plate and a nylock nut with washer.Wasn't sure if the nut and washer could be eliminated.Out of an abundance of caution I installed all of them. As the two screws holding the tail bag rack through the the taillight assembly are not stainless,you should spray WD40 or some other anticorrosion spray sometime before attempting to remove the screws.Mine were tight but my buddies' were impossible. (the insert in the plastic tail bag rack stripped and we never did get those screws out-still managed to install the bars.) Best advice is to loosely attach all of the fittings first before tightening anything. Thankfully I haven't dropped the bike since installing the Bars so I can't comment on the protection provided.Its inevitable that I'll find out.

    Line Major
    If i had known before buying
    You have to take out the BMW rack off and its a pain to take off ,because i stripped the cheap torx screw bmw put in a spot that is very . Difficult to access.... So now can\'t install the rear guards protector....i thought bmw bikes were all well thought to work on, guess i was wrong. If i had known that before buying i would have never bought.

    rear protection bars
    like these bars, easy to install, provide nice handle to lift bike on center stand, look good

    Engine and Bag protection
    Great look and Easy to install, about an hour on the bag bars and around 45min on the engine bars. A little pricy, but you have to pay to play. All in all, a great product.

    Mike Power
    Well made engine and saddlebag protection
    This is an excellent product, very expensive, but once installed does the job very well. Its a bit tough to install, and requires patience.

    Larry Callahan
    Muffler Bolt Modification
    I just installed the rear protection bars on my 2005 R1200RT. They look great and the quality is excellent. However they do block the removal of the muffler hanger bolt. I removed the stock bolt and trim washer. I installed a new M8X40 pitch 125 bolt and M8 flat washer by installing it from the rear on the wheel side. Thread it all the way through the captured nut on the muffler hanger and through the rubber bushing. The bolt will now be extended through the bushing on the side closest to the protection bar. Install a flat fender washer approximately the same diameter of the stock trim washer that was removed and fasten it with a M8 pitch 125 lock nut. This procedure must be done before you install the left side protection bar. There is enough space between the protection bar and the muffler hanger so that the lock nut may be removed with the protection bar in place. And the bolt may now be removed from the wheel side. This should make rear wheel removal much easier.

    Gary Koenig
    Absolutely DO limit passenger space
    I installed these rear and front bars to my 2009 BMW1200RT. Front bars are great. Rear bars DO cause rear rider to complain of rubbing the back of the leg. I took them off do to passenger complaint.

    Jeff P
    Protection bars look and work great
    I can't comment on the installation because I had the bars shipped direct to my dealer and installed there. So installation couldn't have been easier! I ordered the silver for my 2012 RT in midnight blue, and the bars match the rest of the bike perfectly! I have both the engine and pannier protection bars and have received lots of compliments on the looks. Plus, unfortunately, I can now report that they work as advertised. I dropped the bike at the gas station of all places, and when I picked it back up, there was not a scratch on it, except on the ends of the protection bars which aren't even noticeable. So I can attest these bars work as advertised and will protect your bike!

    Terry Davis
    Looks greats, high quality materials, install a major PITA.
    The good: These bars look great on the bike and are very solid once on. Finish and build quality are first rate. The bad: It's apparent that Wunderlich did make an effort to improve upon the installation instructions which I applaud. Unfortunately, they could still use some work, especially when it comes to which body panels need to be removed from the bike. As touched on by a previous reviewer, the bolts underneath the luggage rack are extremely easy to strip out, which I can't blame Wunderlich for, but still added to the hassle of this install. Watch out! Also, if you're only working with one set of hands, expect to be highly frustrated. Having a helper to run for hardware or support body panels made all the difference. Overall, fumbling through the instructions and problems like stripped fasteners, this easy install ended up costing me half of my day off and nearly all of my patience. Why doesn't Wunderlich put together a start to finish install video to help DIY'er RT owners? There sure are quite a few that advertise their products. Seems to me it would be pretty easy to do. My advice: If you have money to burn, take these bars and your RT to the dealership and have them deal with the headache of putting them on. Happy riding!

    Installed these on a 2012 R1200RT. I liked the look of them and figured they would give me some added protection in case of a dropped bike. Installation is tedious. The tail light, rear luggage rack, and side panels must all come off. The rear luggage rack is somewhat of a challenge due to the two vertical screws hidden in tubes above the tail light location. The jury is still out on approval until I have a rear tire changed. The bolt that holds the muffler clamp is hidden behind the lower mounting bolt for the left bar. Taking out the lower mounting bolt and removing the rear most clamp allows the bar to swing out of the way enough to get to the muffler bolt, but I'm still unsure that the muffler will come off. According to the BMW mechanic I talked to, the muffler has to come off to get the rear tire off. We'll see.

    Great Product
    The product is well worth the money. The installation is made easier with the additional instructions that are now provided.

    Peter Gray
    Rear Bars
    These are a welcome addition to my bike and the installation was not difficult if you read the instructions and review all the pictures carefully. Once the tail section was off the bike each side bracket took about 20 minutes to install and add the safety I was looking for. Without the bags it looks kind of strange but that isn't the normal riding configuration.

    Robert Charron
    Nice Protection
    The bars provide nice protection for the side cases. Had a minor issue with the left side as the bar was a little too apart to get to the bottom screw hole. Solved that with a cargo ratchet strap in a jiffy.

    Ian Mitchell
    Nice Bars - 2011 R1200RT
    Nice bars and install was fairly complex. One glitch...the rear luggage rack can be tricky. When undoing one of the rear bolts, it bound up and the brass insert broke away from the rack. It was about 1/4" loosened when this occurred. Managed to complete the install without totally removing the rack. The nasty bolt/bushing wouldn't tighten either...just spin. Had the dealer remove and replace with a standard bolt/lock nut at 1000 k check...problem solved. The bars fit nice and look great. Good protection for panniers and work well with engine guards. Shipping to Canada was quick and smooth.

    Overall a good product
    A mechanically inclined buddy of mine installed these for me on my '07 R1200RT. The look great on the bike and feel solid. The previous owner dropped the bike and it cost me $200.00 to have the side back repainted. I ride at times with my kids and I've dropped bikes in the past when they try to get off, as my short inseam can be a challenge, it certainly was on my '07 R1200GS Adventure. To add a little preventative protection I purchased these bars and figure if I never drop the bike then so be it, but if I do then I don't have to worry about the headache of being without a side case and the trouble to get it painted. If I do, I figure the second drop will be when I recoup my investment on these bars. The only reason I gave them 4 stars is my buddy had a interesting time installing these and he stated the instructions were lacking. Take that for what you want. Once on they are solid as a rock and they help facilitate in getting the bike up on the center stand. Also, I use them as a tie down point for gear on the rear seat. My bike is Barritz blue and the silver paint looks great with the bike. I also purchased a used pair of Wunderlich front engine crash bars, they are great because you don't have to remove the to service the "heads". Some other brands have to be removed in order to do this. Thanks Wunderlich for a great product!

    steve wilson
    crash bars
    fortunately, they included new instuctions. Otherwise, it would be difficult to put these on yourself. They fit well and look great.

    David Nicholls
    Everything fir as it should and they provide good coverage for the rear bags. Excellent

    Steve Cass
    Wunderlich Bag Protection Bars
    I purchased the silver powder coated bars. The finish is very smooth and matches the silver side panels on the motorcycle well. The bars fit very well and installation went very smoothly. I had no problem with installing the rack other than some minor access problems to hardware on the back side of the bars. The hardest part of the job is removing and reinstalling the luggage rack. The back two screws are installed vertically and they are difficult to get started and cross thread easily. I suggest the these two screws are installed first when reinstalling the rack. This allows for a lot of movement of the rack to get the screws started straight. Once these are in the rest of the rack hardware goes in easily.

    Carl McAloose
    Rear Protection Bar, Black
    REceived the black ones...very nice finish and perfect fit to the bike. Hardest part is taking the body panels off to get access to the frame itself. When you install, be careful of the front frame adapters. The screw heads are pretty shallow and can strip easily if you start to over tighten. They look excellent on the bike and do not inhibit riders legs at all. Very happy...I'm a repeat customer...Wunderlich has very high quality products if you can get by the instructions!! Highly recommend these.

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