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Wunderlich Folding Headlight Guard
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    • Part # 26660300
      Wunderlich Folding Headlight Guard

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    Wunderlich Folding Headlight Guard

    This protector is made of a transparent, clear and shatterproof Lexan material, supported by a laser cut, coated black steel frame. This type of protector will prevent even the smallest particle from smashing against your head lamp. At the top, there are two brackets attached with ball sockets and in the corresponding location on the headlight guard are rubber sockets, so the guard positively snaps into place and the guard is then supported at four points.

    The top of the guard can be 'snapped' out of the fastening points and folded down easily for cleaning.


    • Optically clean and shatter proof Lexan screen.
    • Adjustable position of protector allows finding of best position, reduces reflection.
    • Scratch-resistant protector with robust, coated brackets.
    • Can be quickly put in place for off-road use.
    • Easy to clean lamp and protector.
    • Easy to fit

    NOTE: Designed to fit the Water Cooled R1200 GS from 2017 - on, R1250 GS, R1250 GSA - unfortunately not for the R1200 GSA

    *Installation estimated at 30 minutes for this part may vary depending on skill level.



    Tom Brown
    Verified Buyer
    Now that it's on...I like it.
    There is a key point that is missed in the instructions. I have a GSA and wanted a Lexan cover for the headlight. The Lexan piece screws in with 4 fasteners. They thread through the holes in the holder and the Lexan, then into 4 rubber posts with a brass threaded piece inside. If you put this together as the illustration shows, the 4 screws will not touch the inner threads of the rubber posts. have to really push hard on them until they do...and this is not made clear. I tried putting the posts in backwards and lots of other things before finally trying this. I was about the return the whole thing. When you push hard, the threads can engage, then they compress the rubber cause it to expand against the holes in the Lexan, holding it firmly close to, but not touching the metal holder and away from the light source. Perfect!!! It's a great design. The resistance of the hinges can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the threaded hinge bolts a litle. The washer set allows them to hold the tension. I put a little vaseline in the rubber fasteners to make them a little easier to undo. They're pretty tight. Silicone would probably do as well or better. I wanted something that would be easy to clean, wouldn't destroy the optics of the light and would look good. This does all that. Great!.

    John Wyss
    Verified Buyer
    Spot on design
    Originally with my bike, I had ordered the OEM headlight guard, but when I started to install it, I was sorely disappointed so I took it back. It leaves a gap in between the headlight and the screen which makes cleaning the surface of either quite difficult, unless you get some tools and remove it. I really like how this one has a hinge on the bottom and you just swivel it down to clean it. While it is attached, it's really a strong hold, so even over rough road it has not come undone.

    Ian Gower
    Verified Buyer
    Headlight Guard
    This is a must have accessory, typically made well and easy enough to fit. My two very small complaints with it are: 1, The Self Locking Nuts that are supplied to attach the “Studs” for the quick release sockets, are far too stiff to fit to the Plastic stud. There is no way to hold the stud without damaging it while doing up the nuts. I replaced these with standard nuts and spring washers. 2, If at all possible, could the hinge points have been designed to be Behind the guard rather than out in front. Just a small issue, but it may have looked better.. Fast and efficient delivery to NZ. Thankyou.

    Ian Gower
    Verified Buyer
    Headlight Guard
    These are a must have item, which provides great protection to your headlight. They are well made, with a typical top quality Wunderlich finish. Yes the fitting instructions are somewhat vague, but easy enough to follow, when all of the parts are laid out and the bike in front of you. The only fault I found, was that the self locking nuts provided to attach the quick release “Studs”, are too stiff for the plastic studs they hold, requiring a very high torque to fit. I ended up discarding these nuts and replacing with standard nuts and spring washers. As far as aesthetics go, I wonder if it would have been possible to put the hinge points “behind” the lense, rather than out in front? Otherwise this is a very good product. Quick delivery to N.Z. as well.

    Der Kaiser
    Verified Buyer
    Headlight Guard
    I ordered and installed the Wunderlich headlight guard on my 2019 BMW R1250GS and I must say that it is an incredible piece of engineering just like the bike. The four-point mounting ensures that the frame is secure, the lens benefits from a metal surround and it is hinged at the bottom to allow it to pivot out of the way for easy headlight lens cleaning. It is secured in place with two rubber grommets that plug onto two male adapters at the top ensuring a secure fit. Now the bad news... like other Wunderlich products, the instructions relay almost exclusively on images and photos to show how the unit is assembled. Given the number of parts and limited level of detail, these are incomplete at best and I had to rely on a BMW technician who had installed these before in order to correctly assemble the device. Also, if your BMW R1200GS/R1250GS is equipped with auxiliary lights, the bolts that are provided won't work and the longer bolts required are not supplied -- another reason that the BMW technician had to come to my rescue. These two latter issues are the only reason I "dinged" this product from receiving a 5-star rating -- otherwise the construction is absolutely superlative.

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