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2021 BMW S1000 XR Wunderlich Edition

2021 BMW S1000 XR Wunderlich Edition

BMW S1000 XR Wunderlich Edition

Wunderlich is proud to showcase our new customized 2021 BMW S1000 XR! We have taken BMW's 2021 S1000 XR and upgraded its comfort level with a state of the art seat and windscreen, hand guard enlargers, and TFT display sun visor. We then gave the sport tourer some much needed protection like crash bars, radiator & oil cooler guards, axle sliders and brake caliper guards. Just because its a XR bike doesn't mean you can't take anything with you while tearing up your favorite curves, we of course added our quick attaching sport tank bag that is just as sleek as BMW's sports motorcycle.

S1000 XR 2021 Wunderlich Edition
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Please note: Products listed below is NOT filtered to show only products that fit a specific bike model. Parts listed below were used building this Wunderlich Edition. Please note multiple color options may be listed.

Here you can see the direct comparison to the original

S1000 XR Wunderlich Edition
S1000 XR Wunderlich Edition S1000 XR

BMW S1000 XR Wunderlich Edition

S1000 XR Marathon Screen & Handguard Enlargers

Upgrade the wind protection with our Marathon Windscreen and Handguard Enlargers

S1000 XR Marathon Screen

Available in Clear or Tinted

The tried and tested MARATHON windshield ensures relaxed riding thanks to its effective protection against wind and weather, its ergonomics as well as its distinctive comfort on long tours, and thus incidentally also ensures greater passive safety. It provides optimal relief from wind pressure for the head, upper body, and shoulders, as well as significantly reduced turbulence. The MARATHON windshield thus unleashes its full potential on long as well as short tours and at all times of the year. This means it offers the best protection and perfect ergonomics for all body sizes.

A windshield that doesn't detract from the character of your BMW, but emphasizes it even more with its integrated form.

S1000 XR Handguard Enlargers

Available in Black, Tinted or Clear

Cold, clammy or wet hands are unpleasant, just like stone impacts, road dirt of any kind or insects splatters at high speed. With our hand protector extension, we have significantly enlarged the protective zone of the original protectors, in height as well as width, and we've also extended it outwards on the side around the hand and up to the end of the handlebar. You can't get any more protection, but you should definitely have this level of protection. These measures have allowed us to decidedly improve protective efficiency. We have equipped the upper edge with a water-deflecting collar that extends outwards; it guides spray water outwards and lets it flow off the sides. The transparent design is functional and attractive.

The instruments can't be safely operated with cold, clammy and wet hands and gloves. If your gloves are wet, the convection of the travel wind leeches even more heat. This can cause light cramps that prevent relaxed riding. Safe riding is only possible when you feel good enough to feel relaxed too. That's why the extensions to our hand protectors not only protect against the wind, weather and mechanical influences, but also provide greater passive safety!


Upgrade your BMW with our Wunderlich S1000 RR Seats with ThermoPro!


Available in Standard & Tall Versions

We also manufacture our reduced height seats with a characteristic, ergonomic 3D contour that lets riders and passengers become one with their BMW. The shape and angle of the carefully crafted, progressively structured, dual-layer seat core support the ergonomically beneficial, natural posture of the back. Integrated, riding is a relaxing affair and thus also active. And there's no doubt that relaxed sitting adds a serious plus to passive safety. The integrated wind channel on the seat provides pleasant ventilation while you ride.

Grippy cover material also increases the comfort factor. With the ThermoPro coating, the temperature of this seat in direct sun at the peak of summer is up to 25°C lower compared to standard, untreated cover materials.

The same applies to all AKTIVKOMFORT seats: The "buckling" of the cushioning is reliably prevented via the sophisticated construction and the sitting pressure is equally distributed over a large area, resulting in noticeably lower specific pressure load to your behind. Comfy! Also typically Wunderlich: The incorporated concave profile for relieving the pressure-sensitive coccyx is another outstanding trademark! They offer perfect hold and active, reliable control during accelerated riding, also and especially when braking: Who hasn't experienced it, when your passenger suddenly slides forward on braking and you immediately have to brace while simultaneously having to steer in what could be a hairy situation? With Wunderlich's very own support contour, these scary moments while braking are now a thing of the past. The innovative, ergonomic 3D contour also ensures that pressure points on the inner thighs while standing at the lights are now a distant memory.

More comfort with ThermoPro: With the ThermoPro coating, the temperature of this seat in direct sun at the peak of summer is up to 25°C lower compared to standard, untreated cover materials.

BMW S1000 XR Sports Tank Bag

Adjustable Tail Conversion for your BMW Superbike!

Our tailored tank bag is the ideal solution for your daily commute, your day trip, or a big tour. Thanks to the practical LOXX quick releases, the tank bag can be mounted quickly and simply and released again so you can take it with you. The sporty, compact form guarantees full mobility, no restriction to your view of the stem and instruments and doesn't even interfere with the steering.

  • Water-shedding, fluorocarbon impregnated CORDURA fabric, with additional interior coating
  • Dimensions ( L / W / H ) in cm: 27 x 25 x 10
  • Volume in liters: 6.5
  • Made in Europe

Protection for your BMW S1000 XR

You asked for it, we listened! 2020 XR Protection to keep your Sports Tourer Looking New!

S1000 XR Radiator Cooler Guard

The Wunderlich water cooler protection is designed to provide an optimal air flow and optimal cooling capacity. The front silhouette of the cooler is covered in a way that reliably avoids foreign bodies and insects directly striking the vulnerable radiator network. It reliably protects the cooler without impacting the air flow. The water cooler protection is a visual highlight. The functional design is integrated into the appearance and visibly enhances it.

S1000 XR Oil Cooler Guard

To avoid damage and capture dirt before it affects the oil

cooler, we recommend our oil protection grill, which consists of a fine meshed, tough and resistant stainless steel grille. It reliably protects the oil cooler without impacting the air flow.

To ensure an oil cooler can deliver optimal cooling, it needs optimal air flowing through from the air flow as you ride. This is why it’s located on the bottom end of the fairing, beneath the water cooler. This has a serious disadvantage though: the oil cooler sits directly behind the front wheel and therefore right in the path of whirled up dirt, stones and foreign bodies that hit the delicate fins of the oil cooler. Dirt and insects clog up the cooler and reduce the cooling capacity, such as fins bent by stone impacts. In the worse case, foreign bodies with sharp edges can cause damage that lead to leaks. With a damaged cooler, it is no longer possible to continue driving and dirt reduces the cooling capacity. The Wunderlich air cooler protection is the solution to these problems.

S1000 XR Engine Guards

Our two-piece engine protection bar for the S 1000 XR offers maximum protection and maximum ground clearance with minimal weight. Its slim form integrates harmoniously into the design layout and the contours of the new, large XR.

It shines with two more noteworthy technical solutions in the process; unlike the original protection bar, in our design, the faring doesn’t have to be notched on the upper attachment point on the frame side. The geometry of the protection is designed so that the faring doesn’t need to be cut out to screw it to the frame. Notching or cutting out the faring comes with the risk of damaging the faring so that it may end up requiring costly repainting. All this is eliminated with our protection bar! This lets you easily retrofit the engine protection bar, because is the original shape of the faring is retained.

Special silent bearings for the protection bar of the S 1000 XR - A second significant point is the special, vibration-decoupled attachment of each of the engine protection bars on the top of the frame bottom of the engine. On the frame side, the bar screws on as normal. On the engine side, we use specially developed silent bearings. The lower ends of the engine protection bar are both inserted axially into the silent bearing.

The three-part silent bearing consists of the aluminum bearing screwed to the engine housing and two internal O-rings. An O-ring is positioned inside the bearing for decoupling of vibrations and as an impact absorber. The second is for radial guiding. The Shore hardness of the O-rings is determined such that despite this decoupling, the secure, form-fitted positioning of the engine protection bar is guaranteed. This decouples the bar - which is screwed to the frame - from the engine in terms of fluctuations and thus avoids the undesired transferal of vibrations and fluctuations.

In the event of a fall or crash, the protection bar rests on the internal stopper of the silent bearing above the O-ring, which works as a fluctuation and stop damper, and absorbs the resulting axial forces. The second O-ring absorbs the radial forces and absorbs additional energy.

Function - The two-piece engine protection bar offers maximum protection and maximum ground clearance with minimal weight Slim, integrated form, functional design Easy mounting without the need to enlarge or modify existing openings in the fairing Simple retro-conversion, since the faring doesn’t need to be modified Special silent bearing for vibration-decoupled, form-fitted attachment Thus avoids the undesired transferal of vibrations and coupled fluctuations The rubber ring elements used in the silent bearing absorb additional energy in the event of a fall or crash Simple assembly, includes the necessary assembly materials

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