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Seat Height Lowering Kit
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      Seat Height Lowering Kit

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    Seat Height Lowering Kit

    Little trick - big effect! Simply swapping the original rubber bushings for this Lowering Kit makes the rider's seat at the front drop by 10 mm. Those 10 mm often make the decisive feel good factor. Simply swap in one easy move and you can remove them again just as fast.The bushings have the same outer diameter as the originals but the hole is offset to allow further adjustments.




    Steve Maxwell
    Seat Height Lowering Kit
    My new BMW came with the standard height seat. Even in the low position, I could only put 1 boot on the ground. Now with the lowering kit, the seat is about 3/4 of an inch lower and I can now almost flat foot both boots. I'll continue to look for a low seat, but this is a much less expensive option for now.

    Laurence Miers
    Verified Buyer
    Works as advertised
    Does exactly what it is advertised as doing. Maybe a little on the pricey side for a couple of pieces of rubber and a 10mm lowering, but it is what it is. On the plus side the product was shipped promptly and arrived in a timely manner.

    Verified Buyer
    What a difference!!
    This item really works. that 10mm lower on my russell day long seat made all the difference . no more numb feet.

    Verified Buyer
    Product works but overpriced
    The product works as advertised but frankly charging over $45.00US for two small pieces of rubber that required little engineering is a great way to turn customers away from more substantial purchases. I like your products but consider this price gouging because you know customers NEED this. the profit margins you make on the backs of potentially future loyal customers is unacceptable.

    Verified Buyer
    Seat Lowering
    Very easy to install. I have a S1000 x/r. Seat now a little lower every little bit helps.

    Verified Buyer
    Great product
    Great product great service. It does what they said it would by lowering the front of seat. However on my 2019 R1250 GSA with my rear seat adjustment on low the seat slopes toward the tank slightly just enough to make me uncomfortable if you know what I mean. Haha. If I could figure out a way to lower the rear more to level it with these Wunderlich brackets it would be great. Seats and riders are like shoes and feet everyone has different comfort zones. Easy to install and Definately lowers the front.

    Verified Buyer
    Seat Height adjustment
    I was considering a new lower seat. My K1600GT is at the lowest seat height. I am 5’ 7” and need a bit lower seat. This kit is easy to replace on the seat adjustment plate and lowered my seat enough to allow better handling of this big bike at low speeds, stopping and starting in traffic. While expensive for a couple of rubber plugs, the utility far exceeds the price.

    Verified Buyer
    So simple and so effective
    I set these to raise my seat up in the front 10 millimeters and I can’t believe how comfortable my seat is now. If you feel like your seat it tipped a little low in the front buy these. You won’t regret it.

    Daniel Marchigiani
    Verified Buyer
    Easy fix
    These offset mounts moved the front of the seat up to being more level. Solved the typical BMW forward leaning seat issue.

    Tom H
    Verified Buyer
    Seat Height Adjustment
    As others have reported, seems a bit pricey but works as advertised. A minimal adjustment up or down is noticeable and can make a difference in riding comfort.

    Verified Buyer
    Precious 10 mm lower seat
    Any help is appreciated when you are vertically challenged. I am 1,66mt and this 10 mm lower seat postion makes a difference. Not need when on the road, but truly helpful when parking and ina traffic jam.

    John Gamel
    Verified Buyer
    Subtle Change Make a Big Difference
    I looked at this accessory and thought to myself: "$50 for two pieces of rubber?" I wanted a slightly higher seat at the front of my Russell Day Long, so I pulled the trigger and bought the darn things. Well, I can tell you, another 1/2" elevation at the front feels mighty good after a couple of days of test rides. As noted, pricey but maybe worth it?

    Philip McCabe
    Verified Buyer
    Seat Height Adjustment
    This is a very well planned and executed solution. While I appreciate ADV bike designers making this segment of motorcycle more accessible for a wider range of riders. As a taller person, I am being excluded from machines that previously were a natural fit. Thank you Wunderlich for a sensible product.

    Sayle Matthews
    Verified Buyer
    Works great and drops almost 1/2"
    These work wonders and drop the seat down almost 1/2" (or 10mm for the metric users). Combined with a lowering shocks helps me (5' 6" tall, not sure of inseam) flat foot. Makes it so I don't need a low seat which are significantly harder to find. It does state it won't work for my 09 R1200RT, but it does fit. Running it now, so wish Wunderlich would update their description.

    Rich Turner
    Verified Buyer
    Much less expensive
    It used to be awkward to come down mountain passes while sliding forward. This is more comfortable and less expensive than spending several hundred dollars on a custom seat.

    Tom Nicotera
    So simple, so useful
    Installed in under 2 minutes. With my 29" inseam the extra 10mm drop in seat height allows me to get my feet closer to flat on the ground. If BMW paid attention they'd include these as part of the low seat they sell. Thank you Wunderlich.

    Al E.
    Verified Buyer
    Worked as advertised
    I have a 30 inch inseam and it was cutting close to be on an R1200RT with the low seat option, never mind the regular seat. The adjuster made the difference between being on my toes and being on my soles, would recommend if 3/4 of an inch up or down would make a difference to you.

    John v
    Verified Buyer
    Should be part of BMW's kit
    Just back from a 3000 km trip after installing these. This works as promised ~ no more sliding forward on the seat! If you slide forward on your seat do your self (and your butt) a favour and get a set! I'd give these puppies a 10 star but Wunderlich would only let me give 5 ;-)

    Verified Buyer
    Works great!
    This is as simple and straightforward as it appears, nice addition!

    Verified Buyer
    Brilliant little gizmo
    Allowed me to rise the front of the seat ever so slightly for a perfect fit.

    Andy A
    Verified Buyer
    Helpful, and a great value
    I've noticed that low OEM seats often slope forward, and my 2015 R1200GS is no exception. I'm using these to raise the front of the seat closer to level. They're working well for this purpose.

    Eric Weiner
    Verified Buyer
    Right on the money
    A simple, cheap, elegant solution for getting the perfect height on my K1600GT. I'm 6'3", 35" inseam, and have Kontour seats on the bike with +1/2" padding in the riders seat. Prior to finding these, the Kontour rider's seat put me in a slight downward angle at the front. These fixed that, and are easily rotated down if you want to push the bike in a more aggressive sitting position. Highly recommended.

    Verified Buyer
    At 6 foot 3 with a 34-inch inseam, this gives me just that extra bit of legroom (with dropped pegs and raised bars) to make my 1250 GSAdventure way more comfortable. It levels the seat on the high setting, rather than sloping forward. I still get both feet flat on the ground.

    Surprising difference in seat comfort
    From the first time I sat on my K1600B, I felt like the seat sloped forward. By raising the front of the seat it now feels level and neutral. Surprising improvement for a 2 minute project.

    Verified Buyer
    Totally Worth It
    I am just 5'-3" with a lowered seat and this gave me a little extra purchase (and confidence) on the dirt. Happy to have the extra help!

    Dennis Shaw
    Verified Buyer
    Inexpensive solution to high seat
    Works like a charm. I only wished that I had known of this before going with a low seat from BMW. Possibly could have a more cushioned seat. Only problem is that the seat slightly tilts forward causing you to slide forward. Have already recommended it to others

    Verified Buyer
    seat height adjustment
    perfect, made a world of difference for me

    Verified Buyer
    Sucks to be short
    Bought for my wife's 2016 R 1200 GS gave her a little extra foot on the ground she says it helps , so I guess money well spent !

    Sam Jeffords
    Verified Buyer
    Good Choice for lowering
    Sometimes just a little adjustment is all you need to make you feel more stable on your bike and this is that solution.

    C Jack Hawley
    Verified Buyer
    Works Well!
    The extra 10 mm gives my wife a measurable difference in confidence on her R1200GS.

    Mike Hart
    Verified Buyer
    Lower seat height
    I have a 30in inseam, these off-set seat mounts lower the front of the seat that extra little bit when every little bit counts

    Nicholas D'Amario
    Verified Buyer
    Seat Height Adjustment
    It will lower the front end of your seat, not the entire seat, meaning that you will tend to slide forward a bit. Still, happy to get the extra 1 cm so I can plant both feet more securely when I need to. Also, pay attention that the grommets do not twist too much when placing the seat back on or it may negate some of the seat lowering or raising desired. Overall, it's an ingenious perk to give that little bit of extra needed. Thanks, Wunderlich.

    J. T. Manly
    Verified Buyer
    Not As Good As Hoped...
    I love Wunderlich products and the folks at Wunderlich America, in CA, are the best! I bought (2) sets of these. One for my '15 GS and one for my '17 RT. I've only installed them on my '17 RT at this point. Here's what I found... If you rotate the Seat Height Adjusters to the point that puts the seat in the lowest position, you end up with a large gap between your seat and your tank. Not a good look! I moved the "eccentric" to various positions, in an attempt to get an acceptible gap between the seat and the tank. When I found the "sweet spot" it only lowered the seat 3/16" or 4.76mm, which is about 50% of what I was hoping for. Every little bit helps, but 4.76mm is such a small amount, I honestly cannot feel/tell any perceivable difference. I've yet to install the second set on my '15 GS. Hoping I'll be able to get the full 10mm without creating a large gap between the seat and the gas tank. I'll update this review if I succeed. Hope this helps!

    Nader M.
    Verified Buyer
    worth Having it
    I installed this on my 2015 R1200GSA. I am not a tall rider and every little bit helps. This just works; its very easy to install. You may have to push harder to snap the seat in place. It tilts the seat a bit but does not cause discomfort. It will definitely helps off road.

    Mark A Jones
    Verified Buyer
    Seat Height Adjustment Set
    I have only used the seat height adjustment set for two rides but there is a noticeable difference. I have them set to raise the front of my seat all they way up. It sits me further back into the seat and eliminated the one hot spot I had. Pretty significant results for a 10 mm (.4 inch) raise. Prevented me from buying a new seat that would have costed several hundred dollars.

    Burton Brown
    Verified Buyer
    Seat Height Adjustment
    This is possibly one of the best products that I have purchased from Wunderlich. I a short fellow so seat height is critical for me. This simple changeout gave me that extra .4" lowering that I am totally happy with. For $38 it's a no brainer. Try putting a set of Ohlins on for a mere $1800 and finding out they didn't lower one of my older RT's. Again, this is a great product!

    Verified Buyer
    More options for adjustment to get it just right
    Simple and effective method of adjusting the seat height. My seat needed the backside on low and the front on high. This product allowed a bit more height for a better feel.

    Terry Sueltman
    Verified Buyer
    Works well on my R1200RT
    This worked as promised on my 2017 R1200RT with the low seat. Very easy to install. The grommet change was a small (.4"), but worthwhile improvement to lower the seatwhich was helpful. However, by lowering the front of the seat, the slight tilting down results in tendency to slide forward toward the tank.

    Congjian Hu
    Verified Buyer
    It works well
    It works well but sometime it turns when you push the seat in to position. Some color option will be great.

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