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BMW K1600 GTL Wunderlich Edition

K1600 GTL Wunderlich Edition

BMW K1600 GTL Wunderlich Edition

Our product range for BMW's powerful six-cylinder Grand Tourer Luxury Edition is quite extensive: Whether it's additional practical luggage solutions such as topcase luggage racks, pannier luggage racks handlebar, inner luggage bags for BMW cases and cockpit bags, various safety and protection components like engine bars and luggage protection bars. We offer a whole heap of solutions in the areas of ergonomics, safety and luggage. We make your Grand Tourer Luxury even more comfortable, more functional and more individual.

K1600 GTL Wunderlich Edition
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Please note: Products listed below is NOT filtered to show only products that fit a specific bike model. Parts listed below were used building this Wunderlich Edition. Please note multiple color options may be listed.

Here you can see the direct comparison to the original

K1600 GTL Wunderlich Edition
K1600 GTL Wunderlich Edition K1600 GTL

BMW k1600 GTL Wunderlich Edition

Luggage Solutions

Maximize the luggage storage ability on your GTL

For the top case that's standard on the K1600 GTL and optional on the K1600 GT, we have developed a top case rack that is both good looking and practical. The rack offers another way to attach some extra gear or a good spot for those things that you really don't want inside the top case, like for example a wet rain suit. In designing the rack, we followed the shape of the top case and backrest, creating an optimal shape for full utilization of available space. Available chrome plated or powder coated black.

Available in: Black or Chrome

Made in Germany

Wunderlich Engine Protection Bars

Made of Stainless Steel in Germany

The developing the engine protection bars for the K1600 B, we were able to strike an ideal balance. On the one hand, we created a beautifully shaped bar that integrates perfectly into the design of the large, yet dynamically styled K1600 GTL, without making the bike appear even more massive. We followed and expanded on the lines of the fairing as well as the angle of the motor. On the other hand, we created a protection bar made of ideally shaped and complexly formed round tubing that will protect the bike, not only in a tip over situation, but also in worse mishaps.

Available in: Black or Chrome

Stop with confidence with our sidestand illumination

Same as before but now you can see in the dark

Illumination for your side stand at the press of a button. The illumination assists in locating the side stand and the ideal spot in which to place it when parking at night.

  • Consists of an LED light including bracket, switch and wiring.
  • Easy installation and plug in connection, requiring no soldering or modifications to the existing wiring.
  • Discreet, unobtrusive switch including attachment bracket.
  • Wired into the CanBus system, so it switches off when the ignition is switched off.
  • Sidestand your ride in the dark with confidence
  • Made in Germany

Wunderlich Marathon Screen with Vent

Just swtich open that airflow to help keep you cooler in the Sun

In order to provide the rider with the option of greater cooling, our developers have come up with a unique highlight for our windshield. They have equipped the windshield with an individually adjustable ventilation grille that ensures welcome cooling when opened in the heat and hermetically closes the windshield against the rain.

The »MARATHON AIRVENTED« also comes with all the advantages of our »MARATHON« windshields: The elegant windshield provides optimum comfort and protection in the urban environment, on long tours and at high speeds. The windshield is angled towards the rider and aerodynamically formed so that it dampens turbulence effectively, softening it

and reducing it to a minimum. This is helped by the fact that Wunderlich windshields come with a hand-polished rounded rim so that they fundamentally don't require any edge protection, which can cause additional vibrations, noises or turbulence. It is wider at the bottom than the original windshield and ensures perfect weather protection for all body sizes. It integrates perfectly into the overall layout of the BMW.

It provides relief from wind pressure for the upper body, arms and body, especially at high speeds. The 5 mm-thick windshield made of high-quality PMMA is visually clean and provides a distortion-free view. It is characterized by its high component stiffness, form stability and scratch resistance.

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